CLAM DIGGER MUSSELS * Fresh Island Blue Mussels, Coconut Currie Broth, Fresh Lime |12

SMOKED SALMON * Potato Salad, Red Onion, Honey Clotted Cream, Crostini, Capers, Fresh Lemon |13

SWEET POTATO FRIES * Chipotle Chip Dip |8

ISLAND CRAB CAKES Mixed Greens, Capers, Smoked Jalapeno Chipotle Crème Fraiche, Lime Cilantro Drizzle, Fresh Lemon |16

GEORGETOWN STEAMERS * Soft Shell Clams, White Wine, Butter,  Garlic, and a Touch of Cream |14 (tides & weather pending)




SEASIDE CAESAR *  Romaine Hearts, Digger's Caesar Dressing, Crostini, Bacon, Fresh Lemon |11 Add Chicken or Shrimp |7

SUMMER SALADBaby Greens, Seasonal Berries, Mango, Red Onion, Goat Cheese, Roasted Almonds, Raspberry Vinaigrette |12

ROASTED BEET AND GOAT CHEESE SALAD * Pecans, Berries, Baby Greens, Onion, Toasted Almond Quinoa, Rasberry Balsamic Vinaigrette |14

SALMON SALAD * Salmon, Mango Salsa, Baby Greens, Cucumber, Red Pepper, Feta, Red Onion, Walnut, Lemon Basil Vinaigrette |21




OCEAN FRESH CHOWDER| Fresh Local Seafood, Mixed Herbs, Yellow Potatoes, Jersey Cream |12

MUSSEL CHOWDER| Local Mussels, Coconut Curry, Island Cream, Fresh Herbs |10 

TACOS | Lightly Fried Haddock, Citrus Slaw, Salsa, Lime Cilantro Cream, Soft Shell Tortilla |6 ea.

GRILLED CLUB WRAP * Chicken, Bacon, Tomato, Jack Cheese, Garlic Herb Mayo, Grilled Tortilla, PEI Natural Cut Fries |14

STEAK SANDWICH| (8oz) AAA Char Grilled Sirloin, Mushrooms, Onions, Pepper, Garlic Bread, Chef's Coleslaw, PEI Natural Cut Fries |17

LOBSTER ROLL| Island Lobster, Mayonnaise, Fresh Herbs, Celery,Onion,Toasted Split Bun, Coleslaw, PEI Natural Cut Fries |20

Island Fare

HADDOCK AND CHIPS *Beer Battered Haddock, PEI Natural Cut Fries, Chef's Coleslaw, House Made Tartar, Fresh Lemon |17

SEAFOOD STEW * Assorted local Fish and Shellfish, Spicy Tomato Broth, Fresh Lime |17

CLAMS Hand Breaded and Deep Fried Whole Clams, Chef's Coleslaw, House Made Tartar, PEI Natural Cut Fries, Fresh Lemon |21

FRIED SCALLOPS* Hand Breaded Sea Scallops, PEI Natural Cut Fries, Chef'sColeslaw, Diggers House Made Tarter, Fresh Lemon |22

BEACH HOUSE PLATTER Breaded Clams, Haddock and Scallops, Diggers House Made Tarter, Chef's Coleslaw, PEI Natural Cut Fries, Fresh Lemon |29

OLD FASHIONED SHANTY BAKE Haddock, White Wine, Herbed Cream, Parmesan Crusted, Butter Mashed Potato |16

HOT SCALLOP CAESAR * Pan Seared Sea Scallops, Romaine, Bacon, Crostini, House Made Caesar Dressing, Fresh Lemon |25

SHRIMP AND SAUSAGE LINGUINI Tiger Shrimp, Local Chorizo, Roasted Tomato Cream, Bermuda Onion, Parmesan |18

* We Use Locally Produced Products Whenever Possible and Support Our Local Fisheries, Farmers and Produers

Ocean Fresh

OCEAN BAKE Scallop, Shrimp, Haddock, White Wine Tarragon Cream, Fresh Herbs, Mashed PEI Potatoe |23

CHEFS PASTA Different Seafoods and Sauces each day. Ask Your Server for todays creation |23

SNOW CRAB PLATTER * 2lbs of Island Snow Crab, Vegetables, Butter,  Mediterranean Pesto Dipping Sauce |49

MAPLE ROASTED SALMON * Fresh Atlantic Salmon, Seasonal Vegetables, Sweet Peppered Cream, Onion Jam |24

DIGGERS SEAFOOD LUNCH * Steamed Snow Crab Legs, Sea Scallops, Garlic Shrimp, Served with Caesar Salad or Almond Quinoa |28

MOULES FRITE PEI Mussels, Steamed with Herbs, Garlic and White Wine, PEI Natural Cut Fries and Herb Mayo |16 Make it a Poutine |6

* We Use Locally Produced Products Whenever Possible and Support Our Local Fisheries, Farmers and Produers

Steakhouse Selections

BEEF TENDERLOIN * Char Grilled, Rosemary Red Wine Demi, Blue Cheese |36


SIRLOIN STEAK *(8oz) Char Grilled |21

NEW YORK STRIP LOIN *(10oz) Char Grilled |27

STEAK & FRIES *(8oz) Char Grilled, PEI Natural Cut Fries|17  Make it a Poutine |6

DIGGER ROASTED CHICKEN Frenched Chicken Breast, Stuffed with Goat Cheese, Roasted Red Pepper, and Served with a Bruschetta Cream Sauce |26

STEAK AND CRAB * Snow Crab,(1lb), Butter, Diggers Own Mediterranean Pesto Dipping Sauce, Grilled Tenderloin (8oz) |49

Our Steakhouse Selections Are Flame Grilled and Served with Digger Potatoes and Local Seasonal Vegetables
Clam Diggers Products are Sourced from Local Fsheries and Farms Whenever Possible
All Our Beef is Locally Raised




CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE Layers of Chocolate Cake Held by Caramel Sauce with Chocolate Mousse on Top |7.75

CHOCOLATE BANANA RUM Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache, House Made Butter Rum Carmel Sauce, Whipped Cream |7.75

BREAD PUDDING Drizzled with Hot Caramel Rum Sauce, Whipped Cream |5.75

CARROT CAKE Topped with Cream Cheese Icing |6

TURTLE CHEESECAKE  Caramel Pecan Cheesecake, House Made Butter Rum Carmel Sauce, Raspberry Coulee, Whipped Cream |7.75

FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE TORTE  House Made Butter Rum Carmel Sauce, Raspberry Coulee, Whipped Cream |7.75

* All of Our Deserts are Homemade With Only the Best of Natural Ingredients

Drinks & Beverages


Columbian regular / Decaf

Earl Grey

Green Tea


Pop / Juice 


House Wine By the Glass    
Chilean Maipo Chardonnay White Wine :  Full bodied white wine that is creamy and has tropical fruit flavors    
Chilean Maipo Malbec Red Wine : Full bodied, red wine with plum, black berry flavors and a touch of spice.    
Jackson Triggs Pinot Grigio : Light and crisp with flavors of lime, apple, and pear, balanced with soft floral notes.    
White Wine      
La Sablette Muscadet Sevre et Maine:  Dry, elegant, subtle and light, pair with fish and any seafood    
Deinhard Riesling Classic - Germany: Dry, fresh and light, pair with fish and seafood      
Kim Crawford Sauvignon Marlborough - New Zealand: Light to medium bodied, crisp and flavorful, pair with fish seafood salad and vegetable.      
Pelee Island Chardonnay VQA : Medium bodied, crisp and fruity with some acidity, pair with seafood pasta, fish and poultry.    
Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi - California, USA; Medium bodied rich fruit flavor, french oak, pair with poultry, fish, pasta, and salads.    
Yellow Tail South - Eastern Australia:Rich with creamy finish, balanced, pair with poultry, fish, pasta, and salads.    
Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon: Full bodied , hint of oak, ripe fruit, pair with red meats and pastas.    
Pelee Island Winery Shiraz Cabernet- Canada : Full bodied, smooth, rich upfront with soft silky tannins pair with pasta and red meats.     
Wolf Blass Red Label Shiraz Cabernet - South Eastern Australia: Medium bodied,fresh red fruits,  well balanced, pair with red meats.    
Kim Crawford Marlborough Pinot Noir - New Zealand:light, fruity, subtle, and elegant, pair with poultry, fish and seafood.    
Masi Campofiorin - Italy : Rich, good length, soft tannins,deep ruby red, pair with grilled meats, pasta and seafood.    
Errazuriz Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile: Ripe fruit, spicy edge,well balanced, pair with grilled meats    
Don David Malbec-Argentina : Dry with medium body and moderate tannins, aromas of cherry, blueberry and plum, generous oak aging    


Domestic Beer 

  • Coors Lite
  • Bud Lite
  • Alexander Keiths Pale Ale
  • Alexander Keiths Red Amber
  • Canadian
  • Alpine
  • Budweiser

Imported Beer 

  • Corona
  • Heineken

Gahan Island Craft 

  • Sir John A's Honey Wheat : Slighty citrusy body with notes of honey.
  • Island Red Premium Ale : Medium bodied smooth caramel overtone and bitter finish. 
  • Beach Chair Lager : Crisp and refreshing, subtle spicy aroma of noble hops.
  • Blueberry Ale : An unfiltered white ale offering a great aroma and sweetness of wild blueberries. 
  • 1772 IPA : Medium bodied Ale, high in alcohol with a very bitter finish.

Spirits (1oz)

  • Rye - Wiser's Deluxe
  • Vodka - Sky
  • Scotch - Jonnie Walker Red Label
  • White Rum - Captain Morgan
  • Dark Rum - Lambs
  • Gin - Bombay

Premium (1oz) 

  • Scotch - Bowmore Islay Single Malt 12 years
  • Scotch - Chivas
  • Rum - Bacardi Superior, Black, Gold
  • Gin - Citadelle

Traditional Cocktails (1oz) 

  • Caesar
  • Screwdriver
  • Brown Cow
  • Paralyzer

Classic Cocktails (1oz) 

  • Moscow Mule
  • Old Fashioned
  • Tiki Classic-Mai Tai

Liqueurs (1oz) 

  • Grand Marnier
  • Drambuie
  • Kaluha
  • Baileys

Special Coffee 

  • Bailey's Coffee : Baileys, Coffee, Fresh Whipped Creme
  • Monte Cristo : Grand Marnier, Kahlua, Coffee, Fresh Whipped Creme
  • Blueberry Tea : Grand Marnier, Amaretto and Tea

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